Hendrick's Gin Microsite

Upon launching their gin into the American market, Scottish gin company Hendrick's worked with Nerve Media in creating a series of fantastical, events to market their product. I worked as the sole art director, designer, and developer for the project.

Three goals were set: 1) introduce and promote the Hendrick's brand to the US market; 2) capture email addresses to build relationships with clientelle; 3) develop a microsite that encapsulates the whimsy and fantasy of the Hendrick's brand using art, photography and content.

The produced microsite and the events it promoted was such a huge success for Hendrick's that they worked with Nerve again the following year for a similar marketing push.


Microsite landing page

Art was built by scanning illustrations from 1920s and 1930s fashion books, then slicing and compositing them with animal drawings to create the Hendrick's characters. Elements from old French restaurant menus helped build out the setting. 

I developed a Flash-based microsite that served triple duty to promote the events, capture RSVP email addresses (using a custom-built ActionScript API), and a gallery to showcase post-event photography. Various artwork was animated to give the world a bit of life: cucumber rockets zipping through the sky, roses blooming, patrons clinking their glasses.


Main page with various links to content

Content was developed specifically for the microsite, with drink recipes and articles centered around dating advice, tying the Nerve and Hendrick's brands together.


Example content page


Storyboard and prototype sketches

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